ABP Community Talks is the event where we gather as ABP Framework’s Community members to talk, and share ideas on a monthly basis. Before the talks, we collect ideas from our contributors, trending topics in the industry, ABP Platform’s news and updates, and more, to select the topics that will be talked about in every episode. After the topics are certain, we announce them on our social media and community channels.

You are always welcome and encouraged to join, ask questions, make suggestions, or even be in the talks to make presentations about the topics that you think would be beneficial for the ABP Community.

ABP Community Talks Facts:

ABP Community Talks 2022.3

WATCH FULL ABP Community Talks 2022.3

This was the 4th episode of ABP Community Talks in which Jon Galloway, Lee Richardson, and Anto Subash being present as speakers! We talked about ABP 5.2 Release, Domain-Driven Design, Mastering ABP Framework Book, the EventHub solution.


Special thanks to our sponsors .Net Foundation and Packt Publishing.

The EventHub Solution

EventHub solution is an open-source reference application for implementing Domain Driven Design with the ABP Framework where you can reach from EventHub’s GitHub Page. It is created for the ABP Framework book, therefore, its source code is explained in the Mastering ABP Framework Book.

Since it is thought of as a real-world, live application, it is accessible from here and configured to run with Kubernetes & Project Tye. It consists of two applications. The first is Main Website to be used by end-users, built with ASP.NET Core Razor Pages, and Admin Application built with Blazor WASM. There is also an authentication server that is built with the IdentityServer 4. Additionally, Two API endpoints (one for each web application), and Background Service.

You can use the EventHub solution to create actual events like Meet Ups or bigger events where people can register, see your previous and upcoming events, you can arrange reminder emails, and do much more!

If you would like to use the EventHub solution, you can take a look at the source code from EventHub’s Github Page. For in depth information, you can buy the Mastering ABP Framework Book.

Mastering the ABP Book

The Mastering ABP Book can be referenced for every detail. The book takes you from the beginning, explaining all the concepts and features and correct order and gives you a good understanding of ABP Framework and its philosophy. It also discussed dot.net and general software development perspectives, alternatives approaches and minimal.

Table of Content:

Part 1 Introduction
1. Modern Software Development and ABP Framework
2. Getting Started with ABP Framework
3. Step-By-Step Application Development
4. Understanding the Reference Solution

Part 2 Fundamentals of ABP Framework
5. Exploring the ASP.NET Core and ABP Infrastructure
6. Working with the Data Access Infrastructure
7. Exploring Cross-Cutting Concerns
8. Using the Features and Services of ABP

Part 3 Implementing Domain-Driven Design
9. Understanding Domain-Driven Design
10. DDD — The Domain Layer
11. DDD — The Application Layer

Part 4 User Interface and API Development
12. Working with MVC/Razor Pages
13. Working with the Blazor WebAssembly UI
14. Building HTTP APIs and Real-Time Services

Part 5 Miscellaneous
15. Working with Modularity
16. Implementing Multi-Tenancy
17. Building Automated Tests

How to purchase the Mastering ABP Framework book

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