We are happy to introduce the eShopOnAbp project as an example microservice solution built with the ABP Framework by the core ABP team. This solution demonstrates the strength of ABP Framework and using it in a real-life case. The goal of the project is to create a full-featured cloud-native microservices reference application. The project is inspired by the eShopOnContainers project and shows how it can be implemented with the ABP Framework.

Project Status: Currently, the project doesn't have any business logic. We've just brought ABP's pre-built modules (Identity, Tenant Management, IdentityServer, etc) together as a base solution. However, it is fully working and you can now take it as a base solution for your microservice project. From now on, we will build the example application functionalities / business logic on top of it.

Source Code

The source code is available on abpframework/eShopOnAbp repository.

The Big Picture

The project follows micro-service architecture and overall structure is presented below.


How to Run?

You can either run in Visual Studio, or using Microsoft Tye. Tye is a developer tool that makes developing, testing, and deploying micro-services and distributed applications easier.


  • .NET 5.0+
  • Docker
  • Yarn


  • Clone the repository ( eShopOnAbp )

  • Install Tye (follow these steps)

  • Execute run-tye.ps1

  • Wait until all applications are up!

    • You can check running application from tye dashboard (localhost:8000)
  • After all your backend services are up, start the angular application:

    cd apps/angular
    yarn start

What's Next?

We'll work on deployment & CI-CD processes as a next step and build the business logic on. First goal is deploying the entire application on Kubernetes.


Your comments and suggestions is important for us. You can ask your questions or post your feedback under this discussion entry.