We are very excited to release the ABP Framework and ABP Commercial 5.0 versions today. It was a big development cycle, and finally it is available!

What's new with 5.0?

Since all the new features are already explained in details with the 5.0 RC.1 Announcement Post, I will not repeat all the details again. See the RC Blog Post for all the features and enhancements.

Getting started with 5.0

Creating new solutions

You can create a new solution with the ABP Framework version 5.0 by either using the abp new command or using the direct download tab on the get started page.

Type the following command in a command-line terminal to install the ABP CLI version 5.0:

dotnet tool install -g Volo.Abp.Cli --version 5.0.0

To upgrade your existing ABP CLI installation:

dotnet tool update -g Volo.Abp.Cli --version 5.0.0

Then you can create a new solution using the abp new command:

abp new Acme.BookStore

See the getting started document for details.

Upgrading existing solutions

Check the migration guide for the applications with the version 4.x upgrading to the version 5.0. Also see the upgrading guide to understand how to update existing solutions.

ABP Community Talks 2021.12


As the core ABP development team, we've decided to organize monthly live meetings with the ABP community. The first live meeting will be at December 16, 2021, 17:00 (UTC) on YouTube. ABP core team members will present some of the new features coming with ABP 5.0.

Join this event on the Kommunity platform: https://kommunity.com/volosoft/events/abp-community-talks-4afca9c9

See you in the event!