ABP Framework v2.3.0 Has Been Released!

In the days of coronavirus, we have released ABP Framework v2.3 and this post will explain what's new with this release and what we've done in the last two weeks. About the Coronavirus & Our Team...

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Release ABP Framework

ABP Framework v2.3.0 Has Been Released!

ABP Framework v2.0 and the ABP Commercial

ABP v1.0 Has Been Finally Released

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ABP v0.21 Has Been Released based on the ASP.NET Core 3.0

Just one hour after Microsoft released it, ABP v0.21 has been released based on the ASP.NET Core 3.0. v0.21 has no new feature. It just upgrades to the stable ASP.NET Core 3.0. Check v0.20 release no...

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Release ASP.NET Core ABP Framework

ABP v0.19 Release With New Angular UI

ABP v0.19 has been released with 90 issues resolved and 650+ commits pushed. New Features Angular UI Finally, ABP has a SPA UI option with the latest Angular framework. Angular integration was not si...

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Release Angular UI ABP Framework

ABP CLI, New Templates & Features v0.18 Release

ABP v0.18 has been released with 80+ issues resolved and 550+ commits pushed. Web Site Changes abp.io web site is completely renewed to highlight the goals and important features of the ABP framework...

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Release ABP CLI ABP Framework